• Bio-Life Livasil (100
  • Bio-Life Livasil (100
  • Bio-Life Livasil (100
  • Bio-Life Livasil (100

Bio-Life Livasil (100's + 30's)

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Weight: 500grams

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Brand: Bio Life

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  • Milk Thistle Standardized Fruit Extract
  • Traditionally used as a liver tonic
  • Possesse antioxidant and hepatoprotective propertise
  • Contains 500mg milk thistle extract which standardised to 80% silybin

BiO-LiFE Livasil is a high strength liver tonic containing 80% silymarin, the most active constituent in Milk Thistle. Silybin exerts anti-oxidant and liver protective properties and its bioavailability is 5 times higher than free silymarin.

Silybin has been found to stabilise cell membranes, thus preventing toxic chemicals from entering the cell andexporting toxins out of the cell before damage ensues. It acts as a free radical scavenger and protects gluthathione (natural antioxidant enzyme) from being depleted. Gluthathione is responsible for detoxifying a wide range of chemicals. Increasing the gluthathione content of the liver means the liver has an increased capacity for detoxification reaction.


Adult: One tablet daily with food or as recommended by your pharmacist. 

Suitable for vegetarians

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