• TIMO Cordyceps Brefwell (90 + FOC 30

TIMO Cordyceps Brefwell (90 + FOC 30'S)

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Weight: 150grams

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Brand: Timo

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  • Reduces allergy symptoms
  • Enhances circulation
  • Removes clots and other obstructions of the circulation system

Timo® Cordyceps BrefWell is an herbal medicine using biotechnology in helping to moist the lungs, resolve phlegm and relieve cough and asthma. It is useful in cases of dryness in the throat with coughing, or coughing with bloody phlegm. Lung disorders can also be caused by excessive reaction to dust or fibers or toxins like mold and solvents. Even if they are not the basic causes, they can still be a trigger for reactions so should be addressed regardless. Chronic sinus infections can cause symptoms similar to asthma as the mucus drains into the lungs. Timo® Cordyceps BrefWell is able to address sinus infection and parasite problems.

For short term relief of asthma symptoms, timo® Cordyceps BrefWell decongests and opens up the lungs and the sinuses, addressing excess mucus production. timo® Cordyceps BrefWell also reduces allergy symptoms, enhances circulation, removes clots and other obstructions of the circulation system.

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