• Okid Focus (Oatmilk + O
  • Okid Focus (Oatmilk + O
  • Okid Focus (Oatmilk + O
  • Okid Focus (Oatmilk + O
  • Okid Focus (Oatmilk + O
  • Okid Focus (Oatmilk + O

Okid Focus (Oatmilk + O'focus Flaxseed) Complete Package

RM 130.60

Weight: 2000grams

Model: NA

Brand: BioGreen

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Your children are Set to Shine
Expanding Wisdom Comes from a Focal Concentration
A child’s future determines by his ability to focus. Focus does not only about possess a high IQ; it also includes EQ. A high IQ and EQ child is most likely to be at the Top in this competitive world! Training can improve children’s concentration; however daily dietary is also crucial for growing children. Adequate nutrition can enhance children’s concentration, optimize learning skills and intensify his wisdom!

O’Kid Oatmilk

  • Simply oatmilk for kid better performance
  • Contains healthy omega 3 & 6, which are crucial for brain development & a healthy heart
  • Contain Beta – glucan which help to enhance concentration and cognitive ability

O’Kid Focus Organic Flax Seed Oil

  • Rich in omega-3 & 6
  • As building blocks for nerve cell membranes in the brain and the retina of the eye
  • May help increase learning, reading and cognitive skills. Optimizing nutrition for neurons helps to optimize learning ability
  • Helps to improve attention span, mental focus and calm behaviour in children

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