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WholeRadiant Food Flax Original, flaxseed Oil Organic Cold Press (250ml)

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Brand: Radian Whole Food

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Waihi Bush Flaxseed oil-Flax Original 250ml & Flax Balance 250ml

The body's ability to heal is infinite. Providing your body with the appropriate nutritional aids enhances this ability.  waihi bush organic farm’s flax seed oil products are not intended as a cure; their purpose is to assist the healing we are capable of, given the right nourishment. 

waihi bush organic farm’s flax seed (linseed) oils are a rich source of Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs). 

EFAs, like Minerals and Vitamins, are essential nutrients that your body cannot make, so they must be present in your diet. 

Creating A Superior Oil

1.    Waihi Bush is a premium organic range of flaxseed products rich in functional ingredients including Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9.

2.    The superior taste of Waihi Bush (in comparison to just about all other flax products) is a result of:

        *    Raw materials being grown predominantly in the South Island where soil, climate and distance from 

       industrial processes create favourable growing conditions.

         *   Our manufacturing and packaging process in which products are totally protected from heat, light and

      air at all stages.

3.    All Waihi Bush products have organic certification from Agriquality and the seed from which they are made is GE free.

4.    Products are made using cold pressed, extra virgin organic flaxseed oil produced from raw materials grown only in New Zealand.

5.    None of our products are refined in any way. No extra ingredients are added and nothing is taken away.  

Symptoms Of An Essential Fatty Acid (EFA) Imbalance 
Typically the imbalance is too much Omega-6 and insufficient Omega-3 in the body.




Dry skin 
Scaly skin 
Bumpy skin 
Poor healing 
Patches of pale skin on cheeks

Frequent urination 
Soft, brittle nails 
Frequent infections 
Lowered immunity
Dry, damaged hair
Dry eyes 
Excessive thirst

Attention deficiency 
Learning problems

Lack of Omega-3 has been linked to:

  • Heart disease and strokes: Omega-3 has been shown to reduce all risk factors that can combine to lead to a heart attack or stroke - blood pressure, arterial inflammation, plaque formation, cholesterol and triglyceride levels, clot formation and arrhythmia.
  • Arthritis: Omega-3 EFAs regulate the inflammation response - several double blind studies have shown that with Omega-3 supplements, about two thirds of patients are able to discontinue their non steroidal drugs and a further 20% can cut down their drug use significantly.
  • Brain function and nervous system: The brain is over 60% fat and should have an Omega-3:Omega-6 ratio of 1:1. Omega-3 supplements have been shown to calm the brain's response in conditions like stress, depression, irritability and addictions.
  • Mothers, and child development: A lack of Omega-3 during pregnancy and while breast-feeding has been linked to learning disorders, ADHD and ADD in the child and post-natal depression, chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis and PMS in the mother.
  • Cancer: The lipoprotein formed from Omega-3 and milk protein can lift cell oxygenation, which can help slow down the growth of cancer and Candida.  Omega-3 has been shown to selectively kill human cancer cells in tissue culture studies, without harming normal cells. Clinical studies are confirming the potential of high doses of Omega-3 to reduce tumour growth.

Correcting The Imbalance

flax original is for use once the body is able to make the primary to secondary EFA conversion. It is for use as a source of Omega-3 until your EFA imbalance is corrected. This can take between 6 months and 6 years.

flax balance . Maintenance of good health. Your original symptoms usually return (e.g. dry skin), once you have too much Omega-3, which has lead to a reversed imbalance occurring. This is your signal to switch to flax balance. Flax balance is a high quality source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 with a 1:1 ratio, which allows you to maintain your healthy new state. 

How To include waihi bush organic farm Oils In Your Diet



15-30 mls DAILY



10-20 mls DAILY

To increase oxygenation and energy levels, take with foods high in sulphur-containing-proteins, such as yogurt, eggs, cottage cheese, cheese and tofu.

Can be taken on its own, one tablespoon every morning. Drizzle on yoghurt, salad dressing and cooked vegetables.

Product of New Zealand

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